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I LOVE story telling. I live life to the fullest. I always Never Say Never. Were would I be if I didn't Believe? Don't like me? Fuck you.

Stories In Progress: I See You; What He Was; Bieber's Sister; Same Mistakes
Stories Complete: My Old Best Friend
Stories To Come ;)
1. Sinful Soul
2. Changed

{Peace Love And Rubber Gloves}

  • KidrauhlLoveer
    I'd help ya love!
    Bieber's Bestfriend!
    Bieber's Bestfrien...
    My name is Emily Jakes, im 16. My best friend is Justin Bieber (17), and if you may know he is the worldwide superstar, he had currently finished his believe tour. Ive known Justin's since i was 3 and...
  • KidrauhlLoveer
    Mine is My Old Best Friend :)
    Movella reviews
    Movella reviews
    Comment your story name and I'll review it. I rate stories 1-10 and give it a review and a summary of your story to recommend for readers. I'm very honest so please no hard feelings. Don't enter if you...
    7 years ago
    No problem be a few days tho I have a couple to get too
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    mumbled "Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I gained a few more fans today. THANKS!! :) For an odd reason I feel educated from reading Insurgent and now I wanna be a business woman?? Weird.. But awesome day!!! I LOVE that picture though :D

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