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Hey, Well I like cats and soccer.
I love to write and my dream is to be an author or a photographer... But I will probably just be another crazy cat lady, *knocks cat off laptop* #WWJD

  • KittyCutie8
    6 years agoReply
    Bloodily Beautiful!
    You May Feel Pain (Short Story)
    You May Feel Pain...
    We stared an Icy glare for what seemed to last forever, I couldn't believe that I had just become one the the many who have to remind myself that Life is Important. That is what life had come to, for me!
    5 years ago
    :¬O just realised some thing O-< ~ ¬ it'sa gun shooting a persony thing kinda....sorta...Yeah
    5 years ago
    Just realised mine's shooting him in the butt...hehehe butt. But ouch poor dude!! :¬)
    5 years ago
    Oh yeah it deed!
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