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Hi, I'm Casey =)
Just trying to get by and be happy. xx

  • KK_Loves_Louis

    mumbled "I'm back..."

    Wow.. I haven't been on here in 5 years... In case anyone cares to read it, life is.. okay.. I think I'm going to finally finish the story.. life has been pretty tough.. but I have found the happiness and motivation again to continue on with the fanfics and I think it'll help with that's going on =)
    Jaleel McClain
    2 years ago
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    You can do it, you got a new follower :)
  • KK_Loves_Louis

    mumbled "im sorry"

    im sorry ive been gone so long ! Theres been so much drama and crap going on and i just couldnt keep up. I havent had any motivation for publishing. But ive updated and hope you all will like it =)
    oh okay, I LOVE IT! ��
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    mumbled "Lucky Number"

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    Guys, my favorite and lucky number is 21 !! And I have 21 fans !! I'm so happy !!! x)
    7 years ago
    My fave number is 16.
    7 years ago
    lol. That's koolz !
    Letizia Cambell
    7 years ago
    Hello, how are you? Could you read my movella?
    Only Hope In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents....
    It's about Harry :) xx
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    mumbled "LoVe YoU GuYs!"

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    Hey!! Thank u guys for reading my movellas! I love u guys! I hope u enjoy them as much as I love writing them! Please comment and give me suggestions.
  • KK_Loves_Louis

    mumbled "I found it :)"

    omg oops... i got the title wrong.... it was called look after you. its really good 4 the chapters that are posted so far :)