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I'm on here and Wattpad!!!!! ��
I will also try to follow back anyone that follows me! ������

  • Kri;)
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    That was amazing!
    The Bad Girl Project
    The Bad Girl Proje...
    "You're the best girl in school Lindsey! Just let loose, its high school!" Chelsea yelled. "But Louis told me its good to get your education." "Who cares what your brother says, what is he gonna do?...
  • Kri;)
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    @bo$$143 that sounds awesome. Do you have a way we can talk other than mumbles? That way no one will steal the idea? Maybe Wattpad. Do you have Wattpad???
    6 years ago
    How about email
  • Kri;)
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    ��please. Up. Date. �� This story is really good. ��
    My Brother's Best Friend
    My Brother's Best...
    *not famous* Liam, my brother, has a friend, his name is Niall. I have the biggest crush on him. The problem is that Niall has a girlfriend, Jessica, he is Liam's best friend, and Liam is too protective...
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