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    mumbled "The Silence"

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    Have you ever sat outside in the the evening? The sky tinted pink and the summer breeze rattling the leaves. Even as the crickets chirp theres still that underlying silence. The type of silence that roars in your ears, the type that is unbearable. Not a peaceful quiet, no, a quiet that forces you to think. To think about the stress, the guilt, the hurt, everything. Do you know that kind of silence? It's terrifying, yet consuming, it drags you in and holds tight. The worst thing though is that in that moment, the moment where the silence rings in your ears. That moment holds the darkest of things, the truth.
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    Yo plz plz plzzzzzzzz update
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    Hi, my name is Amber and I'm a bit different. A while back, I realized that people weren't talking to me, but I heard their voice anyway. Yeah, mind-reading. I told you I was different. Then I met Sam...
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