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Young writer and i hope to do well in the English world. I love Joss Stirling, Elizabeth Wein and J.K Rowling is my god. I'm a The wanted fan. Please check out my writing, it would mean a lot! :) x Always think positively! I've never really done anything like this so... we'll see
Please comment and let me know what you think about me and my writing! :)
This is my twitter, feel free to comment and chat to me
I believe everyone can write as long as they have confidence in their writing and they have an awesome plot line! :)

  • LauraFarrell24
    this is really cool, i think it's awesome but I think you need more opinions or personal thoughts rather than lots of descriptions.
    Also (small thing) you have put us powers, i don't know should it be we?
    Really cool though, can't wait for more!
    The Chosen
    The Chosen
    In a world made by one single God and looked after by the powers, a new generation of nine possible future powers are chosen. During their lifetimes they must learn to use their power and prepare for death...
    good point about the 'us' and 'we' I will try to change it.
    the prologue isn't really meant for opinions although I did put in about 'Cold' wanting the human she chose to be from somewhere that was generally richer and to have a better chance of survival as she grew up from sicknesses etc.
    Cold herself isn't really a main character this was just to give information about the story
    will continue it as soon as possible
    thanks for liking and faving it though :D
    8 years ago
    awesome! :p can't wait!
  • LauraFarrell24

    mumbled "Sorry"

    I published so many chapters in a short space of time so now i'm out of chapters! I will try so hard to get more to you soon but i have no idea when the next one will be ready :'( make sure you read all the chapters for me <3 :D
  • LauraFarrell24
    this really cool! x
    Occupational Hazard
    Occupational Hazar...
    Lots of teenagers have part time jobs right? Well, so does Casey. Only hers is different, exciting...dangerous. Living in constant danger has built her a hard exterior and moving around with different...
    8 years ago
    thank youuuu xxx :)
  • LauraFarrell24
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    Really good story line! Here's those tips you wanted:
    Maybe have smaller chapters so it looks less unreadable to less frequent readers
    Depending on the type of writer you are to make it flow more:
    If you're organised make sure you have a direct plan of what you want the outcomes of the book or chapter to be
    If not, if you're a natural writer just have an idea and let the words just come
    Seriously good dude! :D
    When a scribes apprentice discovers he is a Mage in a kingdom where just being one is punishable by death then, gets conscripted in to a new army due to attack other kingdoms in an upcoming invasion,...
    Willbo Baggins
    8 years ago
    Thanks for the advice as you can see I have just used it and I hope it will help people get interested
  • LauraFarrell24
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    this is seriously, seriously good!
    Kate is at first an ordinary 16 year old living in an ordinary town. But a strange discovery nearby to where she lives and walks to school changes her life. Helped by her new friend, Yvonne, she tries...
    thank you so is yours
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