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Hello im Lauren, I love music, writing, reading, makeup, and hair.
Please leave your feedback on my stories if you please c:
I love One Direction....
I used to dislike them but i actually kinda liked them when i barely did... But i would cry if i saw them now .-.
Anyways enjoy my books cx

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    mumbled "20 facts about me"

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    Hey guys, so on Instagram people keep tagging and tagging me on the '20 facts tag.'
    So I decided to share 20 facts about me on Movellas, since you guys barely know anything
    about me. So lets get started :D

    1. I'm 5'7
    2. I'm a natural blonde but dyed my hair a purpley/red
    3. My favorite colors are red and purple
    4. I have 2 dogs, a tortoise, a cat, and 14+ fish
    5. I love reading/writing. Obviously (:
    6. I'm very mature for my age 0_0
    7. I'm only 11. Surprise surprise ��
    8. I blog/write/listen to/about One Direction 24/7
    9. I used to play softball
    10. I have blue/green eyes
    11. I'm very creative
    12. I suck at math
    13. All my teachers hated me
    14. All I basically so is Instagram, sometimes eat, sleep, and listen to music.
    I do take showers and brush my teeth/hair but that's not the main importance
    to me in life. :p
    15. People at school are scared of me because I'm like 4 feet taller then them.
    16. My hair is naturally pretty wavy
    17. I'm following 400+ people on Instagram
    18. I have 1 sister, she's 14
    19. I'm a Niall and Liam girl
    20. My birthday is November 1st :D the dy after Halloween, -my favorite holiday-
    7 years ago
    you're taller than me and im older lol :P
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    Omfg please update omg omg
    The Deranged Arrangement
    The Deranged Arran...
    When the lads of One Direction kidnap a girl from a nightclub, they get more than they bargained for. One of the lads is in for a big surprise that could very well tear the band apart. Will anyone survive...
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    mumbled "The sequel"

    Okay, so a few of you keep telling me to make a sequel to My Moms Boyfriends Son.
    Well i have already made a sequel called Memories.
    Lol, sorry if you didnt know <3

    And i just added a chapter to 'Never loved you'
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    You should update bruh
    Headphones and Collar Bones
    Headphones and Col...
    Rae and Maux were inseperable best friends. I pair of mix match weirdos, but never the less best friends. Maux was a lanky, green haired beast. Getting his name from his signature mohawk, he couldn't be...
    I will tonight, maybe sooner
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