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I'm just your average 14 year old girl, that writes for fun. Writing is like a second skin for me. No one can stop me from writing and I'm not stopping myself.

I love ALL of my fans and you guys are there to support me and help me make my stories better! I couldn't have asked for better fans!

8/30/14������ Best Night Of My Life!
Can't wait for 8/25/15��

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    mumbled "New story cover "

    Can you guys tell me what you think? I'm thinking about starting this soon but I've been busy with school and writing other stories for Wattpad
  • Emerson_Blake801

    mumbled "My Diana story and Editing "

    So I am currently at school. We have school owned iPad. I'm trying to edit Diana and I'm noticing that some chapters aren't popping up when you read them. Is it just because if the Movellas app? Or is it also happening on laptops or computers? Can you guys please help me? Thanks! I have to get back to school...
  • Emerson_Blake801
    So, this one guy that I liked went with someone else to homecoming and stuff. But I'm over him but there's this other guy now. His date totally ignored him and so he hung out by me and my friends. He's really nice and funny. I think I like him instead. PLUS he was leaving the homecoming dance and he gave me a hug. So that's how I figured who I like and who I didn't like (as in crush wise).
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    mumbled "Stupid Laptop"

    My computer is having Google problems. So I'm writing this from Safari on my phone. I'm hoping to finish up my part on my Spanish project and write in a story I'm writing for Wattpad. My stupid laptop takes forever to load stuff and update ��. So don't be mad a me guys! Bye!
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