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I love to write and hope that one day I can become an author!
I am LDS as my pen name suggests! ( For any who don't know what LDS is.... it is Latter Day Saints!)
I can't stand bullies. I don't think they always realise what they put people through.

I like to read, a lot. It is pretty much my entire life. Some of my favourites include harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Poison study, Pride and prejudice, Jane Eyre and many MANY more!

Im anti social, enjoy learning pointless things that will probably be of more use to me than a chocolate fireguard is. Mainly fictional languages and other trivia.

That's about it... Apart from music, I like pretty much anything apart from heavy metal.

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    mumbled "Backkk..."

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    Sorry about not updating for so long again. I went away to efy with church.... That is especially for youth btw. A week away for all the youth 14+. It was so fun and I actually got some new ideas... And I know that at least one of my fans on here wants me to write up something I wrote for efy. But I don't think I will put that one on here... :P
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    Can you write more please? I don't normally read these kind of things... ESpecially 1D, but I kind of want to read it... Its an interesting idea. please write more. :)
    I'll Remember You *ONE DIRECTION FANFIC*
    I'll Remember You...
    *SORRY MY BAD ENGLISH* Lauren Jepsen is singer from London. She is cover-singer. Her life changes, when she meets One Direction. PS. Lauren looks like Dianna Agron ;) I put her on the cover xDDD
    7 years ago
    Aw thank u love ;)
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    mumbled "Hogwarts Champion"

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    Hey, I don't know if it shows up to anybody if I edit a chapter... But I did recently for my Hogwarts Champion fic. I had not updated in ages and had almost given up, when inspiration struck, so I tweaked the previous chapter and yeah... Check it out? :)
    I will continue with it now too. :)
    7 years ago
    Well, I read through it all again and I can see you edited it (either that or I've just forgotten things since the last time I read it). I like it, I think the story is more interesting now. :)
    7 years ago
    Thank you! Me too tbh, I just thought this would work better with certain similarities my story has already. :)
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    mumbled "The return..."

    I feel like I have returned to Movellas after a really big break or something... Anyway, I'm back and writing once more. :D
    *hears the groans*
    try and act pleased. ;)

    heres a random picture of how I want to get my hair done, minus the colour. ;)
    7 years ago
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    Me too ^^

    You are welcome :)

    What kind of music do you most often intendt to hear? I'm just curious ^^
    7 years ago
    I have a rather varied taste to say the least. ;)
    I can go from listening to classical music and piano concerto to Paramore in seconds. I love rock music, but also classical, country, Celtic, Jazz and many more. In fact, the only kind I am not a big fan of is heavy metal and some kind of rap gets on my nerves too. :/

    What about you? :)
    7 years ago
    very sorry if you happen to like those btw. :/
    I rather like sad or depressing sounding music the most. The type you can picture it raining and walking down a street alone or something. :/
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