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"When you're writing a story and you're in doubt,just put semi-colons everywhere! Semi-colons are for smart people and only smart people.Use them so your audience will think you're smart!" -JelloApocalypse

Hi everyone my name is Ciya/Lexie & uh yeah.
oh and if your not r00d please leave a comment because I don't want to be a lonely bunny & I really want to make friends so I don't deactivate like last time xD.
Here we are again.
I want to post books in the future so be prepared ! >:D
I uh don't really write books a lot anymore (because video games ♥.♥) So uh hopefully this will improve my English levels and whatever

Age=July 27th ____
BFF=Well Its only Carmen (rose.woods) at the moment because shes the one who showed me this website lol
Favourite singer=Melanie Martinez
Anime= Well I like 'Angel beats' the most.Then its Sword Art Online,Attack On Titan,Lucky star,NARUTOOOO,Azumanga Daioh,Say I Love you,And more icba to think of rn
Obsession=Tera Fate Of Arun & BigBang

About me:
I'm a Leo,nuff said.
Nah nah I'm kidding xD
I have straight black hair that's mostly always tied up in a ponytail,and no annoying fringe that pokes into my eyes.
Oh,I have very light brown eyes but are no where near hazel brown ;_____;
At home I wear plain t-shirts,socks and shorts,and when I leave the house I always.ALWAYS wear ponchos.
I'm the loud hyper type.
Quiet at first but later on I'm like 'ASASDJSIAJFSIQOJEIOGJWSDIOJGFSD'
nuff said.

oh I also like to Roleplay a lot :3

  • Lexie Blossom
    ayyy carmennn
    Make me one because I completely forgot how to make one :c
    Name: uhh its gonna be a Sick Reader x Kirito (sao) (YES,YES IM GONNA DO IT.also GUESS WHO I WAS INSPIRED BY HHUHUHU)

    Author: Lexie Blossom
    Blurb: basically gonna be like your sick ready x link thingy
    Cover Ideas: Kirito with some random anime girl with long blonde hair :>
    Link: not even started yet oohohho
    Fanfiction :D

    Thank you so much carmie <3

    Cover Store
    Cover Store
    Have a super idea that just needs a cool cover to wow your audience? How about requesting in my cover store?! I promise that I'll try my best to exceed your expectations! Thanks! - Carmie
    C Tohsaka ♥
    5 years ago
    Thank you!! :D

    But I'm not a Pokemon!!!
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    Me: This is why I should stop hanging around Nappa.
    Nappa: She wasn't a Pokémon?
    Me: No, Nappa, she wasn't. She's a Digimon.
    Nappa: Oh ... what's a Digimon?
    Me: *groans*
    Vegeta: Ignore him, Panda. I'm just glad Rose is okay.
    Me: Vegeta actually cares? PUT IN THE HYRULE NEWSPAPER!!!
    C Tohsaka ♥
    5 years ago
  • Lexie Blossom

    mumbled "I Is Back :D"


    Hii everyone :>
    I wasn't online for a while and all the conversations I had with people have been flooded with mumbles..
    So please could like,everyone I'd talked to a month ago comment so we could talk again lol

    I sound so lonely
    ok bye ;<

    also thanks for the 10 watchers :DDDDDDDDD
    Lexie Blossom
    5 years ago
    @[Beautifully Saiyan Panda] Yeah! :D I'm actually meant to be revising now ;;
    Beautifully Saiyan Panda
    Cool!! :D
    C Tohsaka ♥
    5 years ago
    CIYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  • Lexie Blossom
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    Hello there,I'm new to Movellas and my friend,Lydia Jackson said that I should follow you since your really nice :D
    C Tohsaka ♥
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
    Oh wow, thanks. Sorry, I don't get notifications so I've only just seen this post. I don't really write stories on here tbh but you're welcome to follow me anyway.
    Lexie Blossom
    5 years ago
    Its okay c: Oh thats okay too xD I'll follow you anyway
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