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I love animes. And that implies i am an otaku maybe!
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  • Death Unleashed

    mumbled "I just Realised Something The rules of captialization R not Fair to the words In the Middle...."

    Call me Crzy but Its true u Want Proof ask the Words in The middle of an Sentence
    Mercury Chap
    5 years ago
    And it is not completely fair for words to be used incorrectly in a sentence! >:(
    Death Unleashed
    5 years ago
    oh u Get My point don't You
  • Death Unleashed
    Olympus High
    Olympus High
    At Olympus High all hell has broken loose. For the first time in centuries, the highest gods; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, are stepping down to let the next generation take control. And they're fighting...
  • Death Unleashed
    I am confused did u write an poem, an ballad or an song in the last two chapters:- Suck In The Rain and Pillow case

    Over all, you wrote well (of what ever u wrote)
    I will Like it An will put in on my favorites when i understand what it is
    Do read my poems
    Just a bunch of poems really If you like them Cool Give a like, favorite, and make sure to read my other books and like and favorite them too Comment below what you think c: Any suggestions or constructive...
    Caroline Sixx
    5 years ago
    The first two are poems and then there's the author's note and the last two that I've written are songs I wrote
  • Death Unleashed
    Nice story
    LOUIS VUITTON girl...
    This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world. Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns...
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