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Facts about me:
Fav color: green, blue and purple
Fav food: it's this thing call EVERYTHING
Fav male singer: Justin bieber, Ed sheeran, and Austin mahone
Fav female singer: Cher Lloyd
Fav actress: Ariana Grande, jenifer Lawrence
Fav actor: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Taylor laughtner
Fav movie: hunger games
Fav tv show: Vampire Diraries, and sponge bob

and please don't write mean things on my movellas there really hurtful, and I am sorry for my behavior its just that some of you really piss me off.

  • LilyRox132
    6 years agoReply
    omg i love it! it's awesome please update!!!!
    My Brothers Bandmate
    My Brothers Bandma...
    My name's Charlotte... Charlotte Evans. My brother is in The Vamps, his name's Tristan but I call him T. This is the story of how I fell for his best friend... Connor Ball!
  • LilyRox132

    mumbled "co-authors?"

    6 years agoReply
    Hey everyone i need help if you like any of my books so far and have ideas and would like to co-author. that would be just awesome. Just comment a book (or books) and ill add you :)
  • LilyRox132
    6 years agoReply
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    Hey i love the book and I was wondering if you could read my book My Brothers Best Friends/ Bandmates? It would mean a lot maybe like, comment what you think, and tell your friends about it. Thanks again love your book I'm a huge fan :)
    Started With A Letter (A 5 Seconds Of Summer Fan Fiction)
    Started With A Let...
    Becca Payne, also known as Bex, is a 17 year old Welsh 5SOS fan. Ever since 2011 when she first heard of them from YouTube, she has been more than obsessed with them... They are her life, and have saved...
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    I'll definitely read it :) and Thank you soooo much!!
  • LilyRox132

    mumbled "please help!"

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    Hey I need help. A lot of people have been asking for updates, but I really don't have time to update all of them so I was wondering if anyone would like to co-author any of my books it would really help thanks :). You can also comment some ideas on my books cuz I'm starting to run out of them...
    6 years ago
    Ok that would be great do u want to co-after on any of my books or have any ideas?
    I could Co-author?...what books need help updating??
    6 years ago
    the life of being a worldwide popstars sister, the new best friends, my brothers best friends/ bandmates, and just let me be. just tell me and ill add you to any of them. :)
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