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My name is Quin, and, as you will soon come to realise, I am spectacularly awful at writing bios.

I love writing, reading and obscure podcasts. My life is pretty much a musical. Laid back to the point of lazy. A minor origami addiction and an avid enthusiasm for eyebrows. My head is quite literally in the clouds. Art museums and libraries give me life and travelling is my favourite thing to do. Adventures man, you just gotta have them.

I'm on Movellas to improve my writing and hopefully make some friends so if you want to talk let's do it.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    mumbled "Bye..."

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    Well, I'm off on holiday so don't worry if I'm not online :) I hope you all have amazing summers, whether you're travelling to exotic places or chilling at home, have a wonderful time. I will miss everyone so much but I'll see you in a few weeks <3
    Victoria Raven
    5 years ago
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    Have a good holiday!!
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    mumbled "So the thingy..."

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    I was nominated by @[GeorgiaT] which pretty much made my day not gonna lie XD

    Full name: Quintinius Verginix (if anyone knows these books let's talk because seriously, they are my absolute and complete favourites.)

    Nickname: Ginge, Ginger, Roadkill (the last one's a long story.)

    Battery Percent: 41%

    iPhone or Android: Neither, I don't actually have a phone.

    Last person I texted: I don't text due to the aforementioned reason but the last person I messaged was my friend Meg from Hong Kong who is the most rad person I know.

    Birthday: 1st May

    Last song I listened to: 'Memory' from Cats.

    Favourite colour: Due to my inability to make decisions I don't really have a favourite but if I really pushed myself I'd probably say green.

    Favourite movie: Ok so this is a very difficult one as I love film and pretty much every single movie I watch is my favourite, I could maybe narrow it down to every decent musical movie, every young Leo DiCaprio movie (especially Titanic and Romeo and Juliet), every old Leo DiCaprio movie and anything adapted from play or book that actually does the original justice.

    Height: 5'9' of lanky gorgeousness XD

    Now tag 7 people that you nominate: Hmm, this is a little difficult as most of you have already done this. I'll tag @[Mr. Mercedes ], @[Rhapsody] and all of you guys who haven't been tagged yet but want to do this :)
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    Haha, it's a blessing and a curse XD
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    mumbled "MY LOVELIES!!"

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    Everyone so I left my Project Remix entry (alternative cover for The Hound of The Baskervilles) till the last second and I would probably cry of happiness if you took a look and gave some advice and maybe even drop a like but you don't have to but I would love you forever :) I could take a look at whatever you want me to or like or all your Movellas or something :D please and thank you and you make my heart sing <3
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    mumbled "Happy Valentines"

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    I have been aggressively knitting away my sorrows for all of today (no regrets) but I hope all you guys had a better Valentines day than I did :D
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    mumbled "The Deal"

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    So this is my entry for Mockingink, Writing Games, it's very rushed as the deadline crept up on me (and I'm never very good at deadlines) but I would be so happy if you would take a look and if you have any CC (pretty please) I would probably die of gratitude. Eternal thanks to you all.
    The Deal"The devil was a liar from the beginning." - Joseph B. Wirthlin