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  • LostinFantasy
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    I love what you are doing with Draco. Isla is my favorite though, I love her character!
    A Magical Life (Magical trilogy book #3)
    A Magical Life (Ma...
    After their last visit to Hogwarts, Alex and Kyle's lives changed a lot. They have new people in their lives now. People who are new to this world, people who belong to them; their kids. They have also...
  • LostinFantasy
    Thank you for the update. I am really excited to see where you go with this.
    Cas Jackson and The Cursed Family
    Cas Jackson and...
    Cas Jackson...not only does he not know who he is, he knows nothing of the world he's been missing out on. After a run in with a not-so-friendly pizza delivery, he's thrown into a wild world of monsters,...
    3 years ago
    I'm sorry it takes me so long to update, but I'm happy you like it!
  • LostinFantasy
    Good job so far. I love that you are taking the story back to the war between demigods. Its really interesting. One thing however is that you need punctuation.
    Frozen in time
    Frozen in time
    "I just want to know you! Is that so bad?" He shouted at me I suddenly turned hair whipping around me as I did and replied, "Yes it is" I said in a deadly calm voice "you know why?" I then leaned close...
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