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Well I don't really know what to say umm I like wolves and I'm pretty funny I don't know how but I got a unicorn named carrots he is pretty cool my friends think I'm a triple threat lol no :|

  • Louis I found Kevin
    PLEEEEEEEAAASE PLEEEAASE make alexas parents adopt mason it would be so cute!
    Adopted (1D FanFic)
    Adopted (1D FanFic...
    Alexa (Lex/Lexi) has been in the orphange for round about 5 years now. She's 14. When she finds out she's getting adopted, she's happy, nervous, scared, but what happens when it turns out it's One Direction...
  • Louis I found Kevin
    Dear Elsa
    You know how people ship jelsa well he's your uncle because your mother is jacks sister and that is why you have ice powers, but are you aware that jack is your uncle?
    Ask Disney!
    Ask Disney!
    Every disney character is waiting for you too ask them questions! About anything.. (Dont get too wild guys) just comment or mumble your comment to who you want it to be to and I will try and get them done...
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