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You can see my basic information in the right side and the rest I'll have to tell here :b
I have found out that I like writing. I'm still in my experimental phase and trying to figure out my style, but I'm not going to stop anytime soon so just stay tuned :)

  • Louise375

    mumbled "I'm writing chapter two to "Kiss Me Again""

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    Hmmm I'm a little stuck right now. But without spoiling anything I can say that this chapter will be an introduction of the main character and to who she is as a person <3 (yay)
  • Louise375
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    Hey TheDoctress, you commented on my first Movella, and I promise that I'll post a new chapter for my story very soon :D
    Btw, thank you for the nice comment, I just wrote the story to try it out :)
    7 years ago
    no prob, and I really do think its an awesome story. if you need help I'm willing enough to try and help out. advice: no matter what just keep going and do your best when writing.
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