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I guess I would be fun to hang out with. Born on April 25! I love watching YouTubers and anime. My favorite bands are One Direction, Little Mix, and 5 Seconds Of Summer!
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    This is really good! The few spelling errors are okay as you didn't have many. But other than that it's still a really great story!
    In the year 2018, there's a new band that's taking over. A group of five is rocking the people and charming the socks off anyone they meet. Now though, they open for 5 Seconds of Summer -- an Australian...

  • Pyperisamazinglynotonfire
    Hey it's been a while since we last talked!
    4 years ago
    Yeah, I've seen your snapchat stories though. I like your hair! I'm just starting to write again. Have you read my most recent (I think, have to check) story? The one called Sweet Little Darling: With a Dark Past. Yeah, I worked so hard on that. What have you been up to? Shit, that was more than I expected to say.
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    I love this!
    Supernatural x reader oneshots
    Supernatural x rea...
    Requests are closed, ignore the next part Requests are open, just leave a comment, at the end I will leave a list of information to submit oneshots! Okay guys, First off, no smut. I get it, some...
    6 years ago
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    Thanks! I love your username btw :3
  • Pyperisamazinglynotonfire
    You always seem to reference your favorite TV shows somehow :)
    Finding X
    Finding X
    Jared Hess lived a perfect life. Until his wife, Isabelle, got struck in a hit-and-run. Jared is left with just his three-year-old son, Xavier. One night his mated throw a party at his house, in effort...
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