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    SOME of The Books I Have!

    - Fifty Shades of Grey Series
    - All Johanna Lindsey Books
    - The Fault in Our Stars
    - Almost All Kristen Ashley's Books
    - Bella Jewel Books
    - Nora Roberts books
    - Twilight series
    Those are just some of the authors and books of the top of my head. I probably own just about every Motorcycle Club romance novel there is and a butt load of historical romance novels.
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    A Little More About This!

    I have over 20,000 books in my personal eBook library, from books I've purchased, gotten sent to me from family and friends and books I've gotten for free on Amazon. I've collected these books over the last seven years. Older books, mostly historical romance, I bought from my local library and scanned them in PDF file so I could share with my Grandmother who is out of country.

    My family is doing a lot better now and I've been able to purchase books as much as I'd like. So I want to help and pass along the joys of reading to people that aren't able to get books as much as they like.

    This is NOT for likes, followers, or money... this is to just help out because I know sometimes all you need is a good book to change your mood or get you out of a bad place. Books changed and saved my life and I want to help people like that.

    So just comment below a book you'd like and if I have it, I will happily email it to you! I have some Amazon gift cards still to get a few books I don't already own. The only thing I ask is that you don't post these books on websites that share illegal copies of books. Remember ALL these books I got legally.

    I will be (slowly) making a list of books I own. Slowly because there are so many but I have a lot of popular books and a whole lot of historical romance and YA novels.

    just ask.

    THANKS, Kels! <3
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    mumbled "Help!"

    Is there a forum on here? Like where you can discuss books and just talk to people? I had wanted to post my personal eBook library list to help people out that can't get new books all the time. I have over 20,000 books, old and new. I just want to pass along to joys of reading. Not for likes or money but just to help out. I remember when I wasn't able to get books I wanted to read so bad and I would be really upset because my family couldn't afford it back then but now we have money, and I buy books ALL the time. I thought it was time to share the joys of reading and help out.

    Let me know, Kels! <3
    5 years ago
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    I'm sure you'll get some takers! Personally, I'm not an ebook person, but a lot of people on here are :)
    Thanks so much for the help!!! <3 I would rather have a book in my hands also but it is hard to find some of the older books I enjoy so I started buying ebooks!

    Here is the group: movellas.com/group/bullettingtopic/20141.. if you just wanted to see.

    Thanks again for the help!!
    5 years ago
    Anytime :D
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