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"I could fly a thousands oceans, but there's nothing to what we had, so I walk alone."- Luke Hemmings��
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    the lake ☼ lrh
    the lake ☼ lrh
    They met when they were 7 at The Lake behind their houses. They became best friends at the age of 8. They were each other's first kiss at age 13. They were each other's first make out at age 15. They...
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    If you could ever be lost or alone with one of the boys who would it be and why?
    Q&A Book: Open To All
    Q&A Book: Open To...
    This is a Q&A Book. For those of you that don't know what it means, it's Questions & Answers. You may ask me any question at all, & I promise to answer all of them with honest & detailed answers :) I...
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    Hobbies; love, music, dancing, acting, writing, and luke����
    Imagines: Open
    Imagines: Open
    Taking requests. All rights reserved to WxckedGames.
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    Name: Jes
    DOB: 08'22'00
    Type of Clothes: galaxy clothes, any other.
    Guy: Luke/Calum
    Type of FanFic: Amnesia; where I was about to marry Calum when I found out he was cheated on me. Then Luke and I've together��
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