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me: have you heard the new acoustic that 5sos put out there?
person: no
me: it's called hey everybody
me: here, listen *plays you suck* *waits till singing starts* doesn't luke sound different?
person: is this you suck?

  • lukey.hamham
    I love the detail you put into this story. You are truly a magnificent writer and this story (and your account) deserves to be noticed. I find that the most voted for movellas are indeed—no offense everyone—the worst ones. In reality, this story should be the best movella on this site. I'm not even kidding, it's amazing how much detail and senses you put into this and the work it must take. If it doesn't take that much work, I would be astonished. It would take me ages to write these two chapters, whereas you didn't take long at all. Please update, I definitely love this story and I will definitely recommend it to others.
    Adronitis (l.h fanfic)
    Adronitis (l.h fan...
    a 5sos fanfic ________________ Through every feeling and emotion she felt, she learned a new word. And a new word that couldn't roll of her tongue, a word that confused her... a word she hated, a word...
  • lukey.hamham
    "You should update your stories" you always say to me. But then again you never do, you always just want to make covers! ��������✍��✍�� UPDATE RIGHT NOW MISSY!
    Pain |l. r. h|
    Pain |l. r. h|
    It's funny how you can mask your emotions with a smile. How you can hide yourself behind a computer screen and create a whole new identity. How you can be the most hated girl in the school and be a famous...
  • lukey.hamham
    by the way, if you see a different class in the next part of chapter one, it's the same class I just forgot to correct it when I was changing 7th grade to 8th grade. the class is really Algebra 1, but I accidentally forgot to correct Pre-Algebra. so yeah don't comment on here saying like 'you did the wrong class' or something like that because I know where I made my mistake and I don't want to fix it. that's why I'm writing this.
    The Victim // fivesos
    The Victim // five...
    "When these people bully me, I don't want to become the victim or bystander. I want to become the bully." (it was still Unity Day when I published this)
  • lukey.hamham
    Title: Memories Reborn
    Author: lukey.hamham
    Color Scheme: Black and White, if the colors don't work out with the cover theme, you can choose different colors
    Website: Movellas
    Ideas: Maybe like a girl in front of a sunset? Or maybe like a diary? I don't really know tbh... also it's an Ashton Irwin fanfic
    C/P: Commercial

    Thank you! :)
    Sanguine's Cover Store - CLOSED -
    Sanguine's Cover...
    This is what it states it is: A cover store. You don't have to credit me, use my cover or acknowledge that I made you something at all. All I ask is that you please read the first three chapters before...
    5 years ago
    Your cover has been completed :) If you want any changed to be made or wish for a completely new cover then please don't hesitate to say so :)
    5 years ago
    No thank you the cover looks gorgeous! Thank you!
    5 years ago
    No problem! Thanks for requesting :)
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