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  • Lukey Hemmingsway

    mumbled "Traffic.."

    Hiya, so I updated Traffic after forever lol.... Well I've changed it a little, I took away the first chapter completely because I didn't like it, so yeah.. I redid it basically. Hopefully you all like it. (: xx
  • Lukey Hemmingsway

    mumbled "I'm so sorry..."

    I'm so sorry, I'm an awful person. I haven't updated in weeks. I'm so ill I don't have time. I will try my best this weekend to update something...I'm really sorry, loves. Thank you for being patience ... again, I'm sorry. I love you all xx
  • Lukey Hemmingsway

    mumbled "God..."

    I'm so sorry I haven't updated in like forever, I'm just dead busy with work and uni. I'll try my best to get the next chapter up asap and the following one.
    Also, any of you 5sos fans? 'cause a mate of mine wants me to write a Luke fic....kind like Dark I guess, but not the same. I don't like copying Hannah's ideas.
    K, so ily all. Cherrio xx
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