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Well hello there...Thanks for popping in! I'll just pop the kettle on shall I?
So what good stories are you reading at the moment?
Oh yes! Sounds good. Now listen, have you read Trouble yet?
You haven't?! *Gasp!* Well its a good thing your here then aint it! Listen just click the link below and prepare to be transported into a parallel universe of extremely realist make believe. You wont be disappointed ;) Just read some reviews its recieved!

"This story is not something 17 year old should be reading about Get your mind out of the gutter and focus on your school work for once!" - Mum.

So um....thats my only review for now but...hey!
Yeah I got nothing anyway! Now I can't remember....do you have sugar with your coffee?
Oh I forgot to tell you! I joined that nifty bird site called twitter!
You can follow me if you like my name is @Antonia_mmariee1.
Whose '1D'? Um just the loves of my life, i spend every waking second thinking of them...most of my dreams too!
Hey look at the time! I just remembered I have to go pick up my dry cleaning! Enjoy your coffee! Don't forget 'Trouble' and Twatter now will you!

Love ya lots!

Oh and ahhh....can the last one here turn the lights off! After you've reviewed of course ;)

  • LusciousLucy
    this is great! You have a great way of explaining and describing things rather than just telling, it makes for a far more interesting piece. i like the element of suspense and mystery thats there from the beginning. i dont think there is much else you need to do. just keep up what your have. I really like it :)
    A Beast's Battle
    A Beast's Battle
    Britain is in a crisis. Thousands are dead - left slaughtered on the streets. The Nivarian's have built themselves a barbaric and savage reputation, turning towns into ghost towns. Many have fled to the...
    Olivia Cal
    6 years ago
    Thank you! :)
  • LusciousLucy
    You're an amazing writer. You have a great way of describing things, you're really good with 'tell don't see' thing. It's awesome! keep it up :)
    The Silent Way| Niall Horan
    The Silent Way|...
    Ellie has never forgiven her brother since the night of the accident which ended up in 2 deaths and 2 major injuries. Ellie hasn't been the same since, she's always been a little bit ... strange but now...
    6 years ago
    Thank-you :D!x
  • LusciousLucy

    Want some constructive feedback?

    It got a bit of time on my hands so what better why to use it than to read more stories and help where I can :) Post some links below and I'll check them out for you :)
    Complications"What's wrong? What's happening?" "Just some complications." - Beth and Harry? Great match. But things are complicated. And how are you supposed to...

    I'm a year late but maybe you're still doing this? If you could take the time to have a look at my fanfic I would really appreciate it x
    Sapphire Silver Moon
    im really late, i was wondering if you could check out my fanfiction?
    3 years ago
    two years late, but who cares, check out mine
    You're A WitchFallyn Burk is going to Hogwarts this year, and is super excited. With her mom being a beauxbaton, she is part veela, and very beautiful. Her dad is from...
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