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Hey there :) Thanks for taking your time into reading my bio xD
people with a heart and backbone will.


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I love writing, although I can't finish an actual book -.- - My goal to achieve this year!
I'm a music nut. Ask anyone.
And, I'm a movie nerd, if you need a moviecation, come to me! :D

Favorite quotes-

'Live long and prosper' - star trek
'Life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get' Forest gump A.K.A Tom Hanks
'After the bitch gets slap, you slap the bitch'- Kick-ass 2

  • LV Snelson

    mumbled "Im back"

    3 years agoReply
    after a very stressful worth of two years i've managed to find some time to get back in to my writing, so if people remember me here i am! :)
  • LV Snelson

    mumbled "Advice. "

    5 years agoReply
    guys im loosing lack of inspiration to write anything anymore, i've been morphing into a completely different person than who i actually am to blend in "the crowd", and i'm loosing my musical talent. I don't know, I feel like i feel literally nothing positive anymore and i'm just going downhill. I'm coming towards the end of year 11, but however my grades im getting for my maths are below C grade.. It's usually high Ds or Es. *Sigh* I don't feel myself anymore, as soon as i have gotten more confident at the same time i've gotten more insecure and i'm starting to care about what people think. This little "spotlight" i have, means nothing- i shouldn't care whether people like me or not, or think i'm not the best of looking girls out there... but all those thoughts have consumed me and shaped me into one of them. It's not a good idea to pretend to be someone you're not.
    It maybe so good getting all the attention from the "popular" guys, but trust me girls on this, they're nothing. They will waste your time and screw you over whilst talking to other girls at the same time. They will do anything to make you believe they love you, but sometimes you're second choice.
    The girls are usually always two-faced lying little snakes. Don't trust any of the popular girls with your secrets, they may come across as your friend- however "friends" don't stab you in the back and make you look like something you are not.
    And the looks... You shouldn't have to be pretty to be popular. You shouldn't have to be pretty to be with a really hot guy. You shouldn't have to feel so insecure about your looks because every single popular girl will be feeling the same as you do.

    We're all messed up in our own little ways, the popular people are NOT perfect. They may act like kings and queens for a certain amount of time but when you get towards the end of secondary school you got no one but yourself and family, maybe your two friends that have stood by you ever since year 7.
    Trust me on this, don't trust anyone. They may appear like they're so innocent and angelic towards you but they could be the complete opposite.
    Just don't change yourself to get noticed. Get noticed in doing what you love. Upload it on social media, share the world of what you're most best at.
    Just don't change into something you're not to please people.
    Crazy Cat Lady
    5 years ago
    You couldn't have been more right. I hope you are successful in whatever you want to do.
  • LV Snelson

    mumbled "important must read"

    5 years agoReply
    I think it's time for me to leave movellas for a while. Im not really noticed as much as i used to be because i took a long break from the site due to the fact i've gotten somewhere in life and i think i have changed. Movellas used to be my home and all, because i was so shy and i didn't really have any friends. I do know that they aren't going to be your friends forever but i'm glad i've changed, not many people on here aren't happy with the act i have left movellas without any explanation whatsoever.
    Exams aren't going to be my excuse.
    Yes i've already had exams done and completed this week.
    I have seven months left of school until then it'll be crammed up with loads of things. House parties, dates, finding a college for me, revision, being me for a change.
    I probably won't come in and check in movellas every week or month, it depends if i have enough time to. I'm getting somewhere in life and this site for me will be held on a break for a long time. Sorry to people that enjoyed reading my movellas, but not many people did when i went off this site for a while anyway. I just feel like a ghost from the past here. It was great making a few friends, but then again i haven't really paid them much attention to the thought either.
    Guess this is my goodbye movellas.
    You've played a huge role in my life that i won't be able to forget. Many thanks to you :)
    LV Snelson
    5 years ago
    thank you :) i missed you too, talk soon xxxx
    5 years ago
    Basically, Lucie has become her own person, now feeling more strong, less shy than she used to be. She is most likely making new friends, falling into the popularity net. She is rising up, becoming something better than she never imagined she'd be. But now that she has seen that her time on Movellas has been short, she is giving us a goodbye with a slight explanation with a whole lot of honesty too. Also she is telling her Fans, and saying how happy she is to have made such friends on Movellas. She once called it her home, her place to be where she is accepted for her shyness, and nothing gets in the way of that. But now she has made something of her life outside Movellas, and she wants to continue going forward. I'll wish her all the Luck in the world, 4-Leaf Clover won't cut how much luck she is getting from me & everyone else.

    Thank You for being honest,
    Thank You for staying with us for the good times,
    Thank You for being our friend,
    and more importantly! Thank You for being you.
    I'd also like to throw out one last Thank You / Hug
    to you to tell you how much you have inspired others,
    while also giving other people hope, and faith.

    Thank You for writing on Movellas <3

    Good luck with your future, I hope (if not all) your dreams come true.

    I for one will miss you, always missing you now, goodbye Lucie ;=;
    5 years ago
    @[LV Snelson] I Will Always Remember The Times We Shared,
    Both As Friends. Both As Family. Both As More. : )
  • LV Snelson

    mumbled "youtube "

    5 years agoReply
    I've created a youtube channel for all my music,
    i hope you enjoy it!

    please help me get known, it'll mean a lot. Thank you so much.
  • LV Snelson

    mumbled "help!"

    5 years agoReply
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    As i've written numerous stories that i've never really finished,
    i need your thoughts on what movellas are the best ones on there :)
    I need something to write but im not sure what on.
    5 years ago
    I like all of them, but I think you are great at writing mystery/crime stories.
    Heck, I bet you're good at writing romance stories.
    You know what? I think you always do great on whatever you write.
    I've never been disappointed with any of your work, I've just enjoyed the journey.
    = )
    5 years ago
    @[LV Snelson] P.S - I also sent you a message through Co-Author.
    And yeah, I feel like you should try writing a different genre if you want to.
    I reckon you could tackle that, and still make it interesting to read. :)
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