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I cannot breathe through the fog of guilt and lies.
Yet I can see the pity in your eyes.

- Warning Unicorn Crossing -

Hello, Hello! You've landed upon my page!
Feel free to read my books, or just stalk me around the internet! (=_= ;) Whatever floats your boat.

I am a 16 year old with the eyes of an artist, the hands of a seamstress, and the appetite of a two year old.

Useless Information

• I am a Leo
• I love apple sauce
• I am an Otaku (Fight me if you will,)
• I love Lavender
• I spelled Otaku wrong
• No I didn't.
• You are reading this.
• You DIDN'T smile because you've probably read something like this before.
• Hue Hue

  • Akibento
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    This story is undergoing editing! Sorry it's taking so long! I'm doing my best to make it perfected!
    Thank you!
    - AuthorChan
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