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People say the world began 4.5 billion years ago, but mine began on the 23rd of July, 2010 at exactly 8:22pm ����

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    The Bad Boy from Room 908
    The Bad Boy from...
    The bell rang signaling the start of class and just like clock work, in came Hemmings. He winked at a couple of the girls in the front row and sauntered towards me. I immediately averted my eyes from...
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    Update ��
    The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)
    The Gang Leader...
    "I'm not into good girls but you seem fun to play with." He smirked and slowly backed me up against the wall. He was dangerously close to my face, his nose touching the skin in-between my eyebrows. I held...
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    Don't you hate it when you write a new chapter and then everything decides to delete itself ��
    5 years ago
    Oh no, did that happen? >:-( It's always at the worst possible point too! Not fair.
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    Really good update soon ����
    My Roommate |L.H|
    My Roommate |L.H|
    We hated each other. We were forced to live together. We agreed with a deal, that changed our lives forever. • 'She talks about you, like you put the stars in the sky.' • Warning: very explicit...
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