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Sophie. 19. Sometimes I lose myself among the written word to avoid this mundane thing called reality. Other times I eat gummi snakes.

"I didn't realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry..."

  • MagicMisguided

    mumbled "An Update of Such"

    I'd just like to begin what will almost certainly become an unnecessarily long post to thank every one of my 27 fans for sticking by me despite my sporadic updates and meagre body of work; for once words fail me in my thanks to you all. I do intend to post more soon and though I won't guarantee that there will be any regularity to that, I certainly haven't abandoned this site.
    Keep on cultivating your beautiful talents,
    Sophie xoxo

  • MagicMisguided
    These are deliciously dark, I love them! You have a great command of language, and it really works in these poems :)
    Danté's Book of the Mad, Sad and Dangerous To Know
    Danté's Book of...
    A collection of poems by me. Most of these are completely spontaneous so...we'll see how they turn out. There is no overall theme to these, though I suppose "Dark" is one. Enjoy, I hope.
    Kyle J Durrant
    8 years ago
    Thank you :) Glad you like them :)
  • MagicMisguided

    I thought Dark had been taken down...

    I've just seen it again, and I really thought this had been removed. Why does it keep cropping up when everyone is aware it's too explicit for this site?
    8 years ago
    I've reported six 'Dark' fanfictions. Of course, they don't know that. I'm not supposed to comment anymore when I report a story.. -_-
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    It is because Movellas has yet to define "appropriate" and so they can't just take a story off. First off, they will just unpublish the book with a warning to the author. Well the author could care less because he has multiple accounts and so he just republishes it until it actually gets deleted. Movellas will EVENTUALLY delete it despite the fact that they possibly removed the same movella multiple times. However, by then it is already published on another account (if not more) and the process begins all over again.
    Nina :)
    8 years ago
    This is ridiculous :(
  • MagicMisguided
    I'm not a 1D fan in the slightest but this was really sweet :)
    I Remember (1SHOT41D)
    I Remember (1SHOT4...
    Eight years after an unforgettable summer in Spain, Rikke Petersen and Niall Horan meet in the most unexpected place of all. When they have missed each other the whole time, they are happy to see each...
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