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Hey, I love to sing,read and write. I am a fantasy lover! I love Malec, TMI, TID, Harry Potter, Percy Jacksons and Heroes of Olympus.
Quotes: Let's finish this the way we started it Tom, together
Never doubt the handsome young man you comes to rescue you, even if he says the sky is purple and made of hedgehogs
If it were proper would you wear a haddock on your head?
No one steals my Pegasus
If you don't swim, you drown
I live my life by the quote: If it's not fun why do it? Ben and Jerry
My other motto is- Who gives a damn?
My best friends are @MissKittyRandom and @GoldenCacti

  • Black Stardust
    I love them. I'm going to pick number two, it's lovely.
    *CLOSED* Cover Store||Fangirling Expert
    *CLOSED* Cover Sto...
    Cover Store||Fangirling Expert Need a cover? I can make one for you :) Just give me a little basic info and BAM! A brand new cover just for you.
    Really? I'm glad that you like them. :)
  • Black Stardust
    author- DarkJinxx (changing my name soon)
    Title- Dark Hollow
    Colours-Black and white
    no quotes
    ideas-trees with the light shinning through the leaves
    theme-fantasy book, mysterious, dramatic
    My Cover Store
    My Cover Store
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