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    mumbled "Answer my Questions, And I'll Answer Yours!!!"

    7 years agoReply
    Hey everyone, as you hopefully already know, I love writing so I need YOU to answer these questions for me please;

    What is your favorite story that I've written?
    Why is it your favorite?
    What is your least favorite story that I've written?
    Why is it your least favorite and how should I improve it?
    What do you want to see more of?
    How should I improve my other stories? :)

    Thanks, Answer below+post your questions you want me to answer below!:)
    Please like+comment and maybe fave my story 'The Marauders' ?
    Ely L
    7 years ago
    'The ragdoll'
    because it sought of relates to me, one of my friends has a ragdoll that looks like her
    Because your a good writer and I don't believe that there is a right or wrong way of writing
    Maybe some different genres of writing instead of harry potter
    check your spellings!!!
    Thanks for writing mine. Well done and keep writing.
    7 years ago
    Ahh, thank you:) I'm not offended, my spellings not the best but i'll try to check it out and find out which spelling mistakes I've made. Thank you:D and yes, the Harry Potter stories i've got up now are the last Harry Potter stories I'll write:) Thank you