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I LOVE 5sos. They are perfect. They saved my life. I probably wouldn't even be here without them. They make me laugh when I'm crying. They are always there for me. They may not know me, but I know they care about me. I know I will NEVER meet them but idc they make me happy without even trying.

  • Makenzie Irwin
    OMG plzzz update I love this story!!!
    Living by his rules
    Living by his rule...
    Living by his rules. It is his house, it was so nice of Liz to let me stay here. But I feel trapped. I feel like I have to do as Luke asks or he'll tell his mum everything and my dad will lose his job!...
  • Makenzie Irwin
    Plzz update. I love this.
    Just That Geek
    Just That Geek
    Kara Richardson is you normal geek, her life is dedicated to school work and boring things like math. But she has a secret, her two best friend's happen to be part of the schools bad boy's. What will Kara...
  • Makenzie Irwin
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    OMG update as soon as possible. This is the best story I have ever read. I have reread it over and over again.
    Forever Young
    Forever Young
    "It was the first kiss and the first time I felt connected to anything."
    6 years ago
    ilysm this makes me so happy ! I promise i'll try and get something up for y'all (:
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