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I am Maria from San Marcos. I gain a lot of experience in the different-different field very earlier age. I believe self-learning, know about your talent then you get success in your life. I like listening to music and read books, Last month, I watched Naam Se Ladki Ka Vashikaran video on youtube. It was a very interesting video.

Competing for 'Likes'

by , Thursday December 19, 2019
Competing for 'Likes'
Instagram has recently announced that it is experimenting with the removal of its 'like' feature in 7 countries. Those of us who have been using social media for quite some time now have realized thatnot everything we post gets rewarded with numerous 'likes.' And this has conditioned users to seemingly compete for 'likes.' Social media usage has in some way transformed into a popularity contest. Many studies have found a connection between a person's....

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