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Hi ! I love to have new ideas so if you wanna co-author with me I'll love it !! but please excuse my english writting I am a Quebecker and English is my fourth language :) see you !

  • Matah Jutzux
    i like it, really, but i have difficulty to follow because it seems to all happen in one day, and i don't like the characters, like Brandon know that his girlfriend has been raped but he dosen't seem to care because he had sex soon with her, and i think that Addie should have share more time with him before accepting to live with him and love him. But otherwise i am addicted i read all your chapters in one day !!
    Nine months of Hell?
    Nine months of Hel...
    To have your mom die, your dad beat/ rape you, and then have to start a new life. When Addie leaves her dad then gets raped by him. She will turn to her doctor who she falls madly in love with.

  • Matah Jutzux
    hey if you need to talk, i think you could use friendly advice and maybe use a canadian point of view, who knows ? my kik is matah_langlois talk to me :)
  • Matah Jutzux
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    I want more ������ !!!!
    A l t e r n a t e || U n i v e r s e
    A l t e r n a t...
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    Beautifully Hemmings
    Yay! I'll try to update soon!
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