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I'm funny and outrageous. I play around, make funny voices, and use strange accents at random times.
I love writing, but at times I have no idea how to write what I want. I have like 7 stories going at the moment and I haven't finished any of them but one.
I put some of my life moments in my stories, and most of the girls I use have parts of me in them, from The sad, depressing, and lonely characters, to the funny, out going characters to the bad bitches that Won't put up with shit.

I love music!

One Direction
5 seconds of summer
Blink 182
My chemical romance
Green Day
Ed Sheeran
Good Charlotte
And lots more

I also have a kik you guys can talk to me, suggest stuff, ask questions, just you know get to know me the usernamey thingy is Bitchesbetrippin123, I know strange. it is what it is

  • Max Horan
    8 years agoReply
    I loved how hapter 15s dream was based of of eminems song Kim I love that song
    Sex 101 with Harry Styles
    Sex 101 with Harry...
    THIS IS NOT MY STORY! MY FRIEND CREATED THIS FANFIC! SHE OBTAINS FULL CREDIT FOR IT! But please still read :) Thanks Rated M for maturity! Please don't read if you...
  • Max Horan
    8 years agoReply
    I like it so far!
    The Online Chat Room *ON HOLD*
    The Online Chat...
    16 year old Amanda Joe... A.J. got presured by her friends into getting 'Chatting Time' (Fake Website). She goes on and meets a boy named Tony Lynch who lives in England. They talk for months and months....
  • Max Horan

    mumbled "Story Updateage "

    8 years agoReply
    Im writing a new chapter so YAY!!!!! Just a quick thingy I need to know if you want to be one of the lads' girlfriends so like comment which lad and what you want your name and personality to be and I'll pick some of you guys though I do already have a Harry girlfriend much love ~MAX
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