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    It is so difficult choosing which 1 personal i'm a Ashton girl
    Celebrity High *Complete*
    Celebrity High *Co...
    "Welcome to Celebrity High! A high school to help you catch your dream." A dream indeed. Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael had gotten in to the world's greatest talented school and now they need to know...
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    mumbled "JackSepticEye Pledge "

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    I here by pledge to be the best bossiest boss I can be and to watch Jacksepticeye everyday to get my daily dose of bossness. I here by promise that I will be careful and make sure not to overdoss on bossness. I accept that Jack is King Boss and shall be given all cake, cookies, and balls I find. I also promise that when I play cleverbot I will use correct grammar and try to make her not as stupid. I will kill all billys and never trust a segway Steve without a helmet.
    So my friend Mara found this and I just had to post this. You'll like it if you love JackSepticEye
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