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Hello, my name is Noella and I live in the middle of BFE. But hey, it's LA. (LA as in Louisiana)
I love mangas(A.K.A Black Butler, Vampire Knight which are also my favorites).
The colors scarlet red and coal black also royal purple and neon green.
I love to read all kinds of books.
I listen to Metal(don't judge) such as :
Asking Alexandria
Avenged Sevenfold
Black Sabbath
Alice in Chains
Falling in Reverse
Gothic Rock too :
Within Temptation.
My favorite animal is the dire wolf, the biggest wolf species that ever existed which is extinct now.
Animes rule, Slenderman is AWESOME.
I just want to write and read on this website. And I hope you like my movellas!
P.S. Slenderman RULES & Menina Escura is Portuguese since on my mother's side I am. It means Dark Girl.

  • Menina Escura

    mumbled "Been a While"

    Hey guys! It's been awhile. Okay, well, my laptop went crazy and I was able to get my stuff off it and transfer to a new computer so here I am. So, guys, I will try to redo the Contagion chapters, which I'll have to do because there were corrupted(thank u stupid dell laptop). And I have a new story and probably a new poem or song coming so. Follow closely, love u guys!
  • Menina Escura

    mumbled "Contagion"

    I apologize but I did delete Contagion: Part One chapters. I have decided to rewrite and republish new chapters. I am sorry but I wasn't very fond of how I wrote it. I apologize for this. Don't be mad. Update soon, I promise.
  • Menina Escura

    mumbled "My Own Written SOng!"

    Hey, guys! I just finishing writing my very own song! And OMG am I excited! If you want to see it/read it, i will be posting it shortly. Thx, Menina.
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