• Millie-Jo MacIver
    Thanks so much everyone! <3
    Chickron - A Harry Potter headcanon story
    Chickron - A Harry...
    First of all, yes. I have seriously written this. Due to suggestions from you guys! If this is the first thing you've ever seen written by me then please! Do check out my other things also :') The Harry...
  • Millie-Jo MacIver
    Thank you so much everyone! Promise I'll update soon! Xx
    Dramione - A Harry Potter headcanon story
    Dramione - A Harry...
    Here is yet another Harry Potter headcanon of another one of my favourite ships - Draco and Hermione. Hope you enjoy! :)
  • Millie-Jo MacIver
    Thanks everyone! I'm really hoping to update all my things on here soon :) Thanks for the support xxx
    Nuna - A Harry Potter headcanon story
    Nuna - A Harry Pot...
    Another instalment in my series of Harry Potter headcanons - thanks for the support, and please keep suggestions coming! :D
  • Millie-Jo MacIver

    mumbled "Change of Name"

    I've decided to change my name on here from 'FrogsInTrees' to just my real name.. so it's still me! Just search for me with 'Millie-Jo MacIver' instead :)
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