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Editor here, Mina Rowen. If you may not have guessed, is a nom de plume.

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I love books of all kinds, with the condition that the author has put some kind of effort into them. Request me to read your movella and review, I will do it. There won't be an ego-boosting "OMG, you're an amazing writer!". There will be actual critique, but nothing hurtful. Consider yourselves warned. And I would appreciate if you read mine and review as well.

My interests are writing and photography. I dislike a lot more things than I like. One of the things I do like, Harry Potter.

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    It's ridiculously ridiculous how sporadically I'm on the site now. I check in occasionally, yet find out a couple of months later about posts like this. I'm so honored to be included in this list, thank you Movellas and thank you to the readers who brought it recognition and made this possible.

    Mina Rowen
  • Mina Rowen ☕

    mumbled "Movellys? PLEASE READ."

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    Hello everyone. This is Mina. I have't been active on the site due to exams. I just chanced to see yesterday that I was nominated for the Movellys for "Dragon Day". The thing is the announcement was in March. Perhaps I saw it and forgot about it. I honestly don't know. So if you guys could just tell me what happened, who won, etc. I would be really grateful. Is the competition even over yet?

    PS. I am going to be on the website a little more in August when my exams are over.
    Mina Rowen ☕
    6 years ago
    Well, I sort of expected that. Thanks for telling me. I havent been 9nline much because of exams. Its a really hectic schedule. Ill be back in about two months hopefully. And I'll finally start working on my sequel to Dragon Day.
    6 years ago
    Hi! I noticed you're an ambassador and I was wondering if you could help me improve on my newest movella by reading it and maybe leaving some CC? Of course if you don't have time, that's completely fine! I just figured I'd ask! :)
    I Won't ForgetI look at him, his blue eyes, his brown hair. Claire has that. He smiles at me, a little smirk, enough to make me want to run back into his arms again....
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    mumbled "A Tale of Ash and Dust"

    Hello everyone. It's the sporadically visiting ranting writer again. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm taking part in the Divergent competition, writing my version of a dystopian world (or in this case, lack of world). It would be awesome if you guys could check it out.

    A Tale of Ash and Dust There has been death in our past. There has been loss. But we are not the personification of tragedy. We do not want pity, nor do we need it. We will...

    Mina Rowen ☕
    7 years ago
    I'm fine, but totally overworked. MBBS is no cakewalk. There are moments now when I dream of what it would've been like if I had just gone for the Arts stream. There is seriously no end to the work. I don't have any time to write at all, but I squeezed in a little time because I loved the competition idea. I'm thinking of involving some medical stuff in the story.
    Rohini N
    7 years ago
    Yeah. I know how it feels. I am busy racking my brains with this IIT and CET and all. I am hardly getting any time to read any novel. Just planning to get into a good college and then continue the writing biz.
    Rohini N
    6 years ago
    Hey! How have you been? I'm hoping you will be online in August. Would you like to co-author with me for the Penpals co-authoring competition? It'd be awesome. Please let me know what you think and if you agree, I will send a request. Thank you :-)
  • Mina Rowen ☕
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    This is a brilliant idea. I love the title, I love the cover. I could only advise you to elaborate more. Use paragraphs. Also, in some places the story is in present tense and in some places past. There are some grammar things, like the last sentence. It's 'they're', not 'their'. Frankenstein is spelled wrong.

    Please don't take the pointing out of typos to mean this is bad or anything, You have a truly wonderful idea and I would love to read it's continuation. Please update soon.

    Patchwork: The Fabric Souls Trilogy 1.
    Patchwork: The Fab...
    I wait. I wonder. I wait. I grow. I wait. I see. I wait... I am patchwork. She knitted me from scratch. And then stole my organs, bought some of them too. She taught me to speak. To learn. To love. But...
    7 years ago
    Thanks im glad you like it i'le update when I can and will try to correct my mistakes... I seriously can't spell though, so yeah i'le correct it, thanks :)
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