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Well. I've finally deleted everything here, I'll keep writing :)

  • AmyIsNotAmazing

    mumbled "Have you read Divergent?"

    What did you think of the books?
    I haven't read the last THG book yet but I think Divergent is better than THG, I've nearly finished reading Four now, I may write a Divergent book :)
  • AmyIsNotAmazing

    mumbled "Looking back"

    Oh my god.. this is ridiculous...
    I'm back and I don't really have much to say but "wow." Looking back on my account is too cringey, all the crappy little books, it's stupid.
    Unfortunately, I was going through the "OMG I'M SOOOO RANDOM" phase and I can't say anything else but I'm ashamed. I might restart this account, delete the crappy books, I can't look at this account without thinking "what the actual fuck was I on?" But I might leave this account be, it's shameful. I've made a new account, of course, so if I can't delete everything here then I'll just ditch it, if so then I guess this is my goodbye note, maybe I'll see you around again, bye :)
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