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baby , loving is your nightmares dressed as those daydreams.


  • Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles
    Hey so i was wondering if you could make me a cover??I absolutely love your work and the covers you make are absolutely wonderful!
    Cover:Black Bloods
    Author: Darknestresse
    Celebrities : Harry Styles (TMH TOUR) and Barbara Palvin
    Quote: "that black blood is staining lips of crimson"
    Mood: its dark and dangerous, and lusted.
    Complexity: Complex
    :: fortunatley this story is currently on drafts but i can give you a small description:)
    "When light and dark mixes into one, war over crimson lips and lusted hearts will be the echo through the darkness"
    So i was thinking it was Barbara Palvin hair down and messed as she bites her lip looking forward and Harry (TMH) is standing behind her looking at her with a slight grin / scowl look {So sorta pursed lips as if hes consintrated} the background dark black with a foggy greyish white, centering harry and barbara in colour, as the title is at the top and the authors name at the bottom.
    Im excited about this i hope its enough description:)) Talk to you soon thanks so much
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    here for your cover/banner needs. just follow the guidelines in the first chapter and i'll get to working on your cover! [this takes time; bear with me please and be patient.]
  • Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles
    Title: Dark Dreams
    Author: Darknestresse
    Ideas: letting your mind wander it is a sequel to a previous book it features Harry Styles(Take Me Home) and Barbara Palvin and basically Laura(Barbara Palvin) is having crazy nightmares from scenes from the previous book and is losing her mind while Harry tries to keep her mind sane for a little while as he figures it all out,
    The them is sorta insane but scared and dark. I Could it be in black in white if thats not too much trouble. So i hope this is good enough xoxo
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    Seek and cover and you shall find a cover. Run by the owner of Zoe's Covers :)
  • Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles
    Title: Black Bloods
    Author: Darknestresse
    Mood: dark dangerous love
    Celebs: Harry Styles(Take me Home) and |Barbara Palvin
    ideas: im going to let your mind wander but it is a vampire fan fiction but not the typical one so keep it dark bloody and dangerously in love;)
    Cover store
    Cover store
    I really like to make covers, and then I've decided that I wanted to make a cover store, so here it is, you can see some of the stuff I've made inside :))
  • Rickie_Elizabeth_Styles
    title :Black bloods
    Ideas:Let your mind wander but the theme is dark and mysterious and hot (Vampire 1d fanfic so ya know)
    Book Genre: vampire one direction
    Has to be on cover the title author Harry styles (Take Me Home Tour) and Barbara Palvin
    deadline :A week
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    Yes, another cover store. Isn't there enough of them already? You may ask, well there isn't. If you've ever read these lines before i'm changing this right now, then you may ask yourself "What happened...
    thanks so much darling i love it xoxo :)
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