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I dream. I make mistakes. I laugh. I cry. I'm only human.

  • MissCareenaStyles
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    Wow this is amazing and I can relate to everything. I have anxiety, a panic disorder and depression myself and it's so good to know that someone actually knows how I feel. Keep up the awesome work.
    Anxiety and why it Sucks
    Anxiety and why...
    This is the diary of Samantha, a 15 years old girl, who struggels with her fight against anxiety. ♦- Notice: This story is based on real life events -♦
    N.O. Larsen
    6 years ago
    You go girl! It will get better, I promise! You just have to believe in it and fight for it! ♥ If I could hug you I would, but I guess a virtual one will have to suffice for now. *HUGS* ♥
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    *HUGS* you are awesome xx I will try to keep my head up and you do the same :) thank you for writing such an awesome story <3
    N.O. Larsen
    6 years ago
    I'm so glad you liked it! :D <3 Yes! it's important to keep your head high, and I admit it can be really hard sometimes. :) You don't know how much a comment like this means to me! I'm so glad im not alone in this! ♥ :D
  • MissCareenaStyles
    I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever guys. I'm so arty I'm just going through a really tough emotional time in my life right now but don't worry I have already started writing the next chapter. I hope you can wait just a little longer. XX MCS
    Little Harry
    Little Harry
    He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.
    7 years ago
    Yay! You're back! Take all the time you need, I'm just glad you're okay :)
    Bub be safe ok im always here for you Xx
  • MissCareenaStyles
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    AWWWW Harry thinks I'm purty hahaha
    BelleAmour Part One
    BelleAmour Part...
    This story is about two girls who only want there wish to come true and once it does they get to meet there idols, but who will fall for who. This is also a Justin bieber Fan fiction so Yay ><
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