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Welcome to my realm!
Be careful! Watch those drawings and books!
Don't touch my Gryffindor Hat!
Watch for my dinner! Aw, seal is all over the floor now!
Oh, it's ok. I can still eat it.
Like my Fansty collection? It's my pride and joy.
Watch out for my cats, they are warriors ya know.
Well, nice to have you. I have to get back to writing!
See ya!

  • Mist the Elf
    This argument is invalid. If you rely on someone for your whole life and they die you can't provide for yourself. It can't be considered help if someone does everything for you and you don't do anything or learn anything. Yes, it is good to have someone in your life, but if you take advantage of them and have them do everything for you then you are like those snobby rich kids in TV shows.
    Also, not everyone will try to help you. Some people are surrounded by people who don't give a banana about them, and they become cold, distant people. Those people don't help. If we lived in a world where everyone helps everyone, we individually can't do much. We'd be too busy helping each other.
    To me, the bold text person is a care-free person who doesn't hold a care to anyone but themselves. The italic text person seems a bit more rational, even though (s)he seems a bit like a downer. Italic text person "wins".
    A Conversation
    A Conversation
    Maybe good nature isn't always good. Who won the argument? Who's even talking? You tell me.
    Mist the Elf
    7 years ago
    Why, thank you! Your replies are excellent, also! :D
    7 years ago
    I always appreciate a good discussion.
    Mist the Elf
    7 years ago
    I know, your basically writing a book of one right now. :333
  • Mist the Elf
    I LOVE THIS!!!!!
    Eleanora and the Cryptic Castle
    Eleanora and the...
    So this is a sequel to the Harry Potter books. It's about a girl named Eleanora who is invited to Hogwarts. She meets Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. And they explore the mysteries of Hogwarts castle....
  • Mist the Elf

    mumbled "BREAKING NEWS"

    Just in! Mist the Button has made her opinion be heard to the public about the Pickle-Cucumber War. Mist's good friend and Speaker to the Public, the Magic Button, had broadcasted her opinion on all radio stations, TV stations and online streaming places.
    "It is simply amazing that she has asked us to make our own opinion on the matter," one listener said.
    Though many are excited that she has allowed the opportunity to choose sides, some are skeptical because it may cause riots.
    Though, what ever may happen to us as a people, we must stay strong to our Button-ness.
    Stay strong- the Voting Button
  • Mist the Elf

    mumbled "BACK AFTER THE BREAK"

    So, my purples, in case you've haven't noticed, I've been away from Movellas... I mean like write stuffs... SO, I'm gonna pick up some dusty stories and try to wrap 'em up! Examples are... 'Hogwarts' Adventure', 'The Legends', 'Dearest Diary' and more installments of 'The Button Stories'. So, keep your weird colored eyes open, cuz you better be readin'. :P
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