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Pre-published author of several works of fiction including the ILoWiMA Series, The Lykaian Chronicles and other stand-alone novels. Also a student of Literature.

My readers call me Missy Anne :)

(and yes, I know that mysterious is spelled with a Y)

For inquiries, e-mail me at macollins.official@gmail.com

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    mumbled "Bye, novels."

    Hello. I'm unpublishing all of my works that I had posted in different writing websites. I need to do some major rewriting and editing. Hope y'all understand.
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    Hello! For people who are reading this, please know that I have not given up on this writing project. I simply have too much college stuff I need to accomplish. Gratzie!
    The Prickled Heart
    The Prickled Heart
    If there is one girl any guy in Westerfield High is afraid of, it's Jesy McKinnley. Forget the fact that she may as well be the hottest chick in campus, she's off limits; and not in the way that you might...
  • misteriousanonymous

    mumbled "Finally found my original copy of my cover image yay!"

    I thought I lost the thing for sure. Now I don't have to use that grained version. I'm too lazy to make a new one :D
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