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well this could get interesting. *thursday updates*

Fan Fiction of the Year '12 ~ For The Love Of Clara
Fanfic of the Summer ~ Tomorrowland

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  • morgan h

    mumbled "It's been a fucking year!"

    5 years agoReply
    Hey all! I know it's been what? A year since I've on this site! Holy shit!! Well since then a lot has changed and I still can't believe I still have over 1000 fans here! ....Or that I still remember my password. Fuck yeah! Anyway I thought I would update you all! I'm officially no longer a teenager! I'm 20 fucking years old! I'm engaged!! Never thought that was fucking possible! I'm in my second year of college to become a DOCTOR! Oh, yeah and I still write smut...for my fiancé. Haha! I just wanted to let you know, anything is possible! I never thought any of this was possible a year ago! I was diagnosed with severe depression, ADHD, and anxiety a year ago, but now I have amazing goals and an amazing fiancé!

    So, here's YOUR good news! Yes, I'm still posting, just not here on Movellas. Also, I'm no longer writing One Direction Fanfiction. I was tired of people stealing my stories so that's actually why you can't find "Meet Me in Battersea Park" anymore. Trust me, I still have it! I'm actually in the process of taking my already published stories on her and changing the One Direction boys (names, etc) so I don't get caught with copyright issues. Believe or not, I've been talked to by a lot of publishing companies, but they don't want fan fiction. I love my stories already and I believe I can get them published, but just changing some things.

    Anyway, when I website and everything more stable, I'll let you guys know! Until them check out my tumblr, and talk to me! I love to talk! www.mrgnh.tumblr.com
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    7 years agoReply
    hey guys so if you've been trying to Kik me in the past month...when I took my vacation...you probably didn't get a response! Well I haven't set up my Kik yet on my new phone but I will shortly. Until then, keep your questions handy!
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    7 years agoReply

    Hi all! So my month off has been nice and I've decided that I just can't live without you guys! Something's have changed though. #1 All the stories I've started before I left will not be finished. This is a personal decision of mine and therefore I'm starting afresh. I won't delete anything, because I don't think that's right, but I sort of want to delete 'exotica' and 'gravity'. Tell me what I should do! :)

    Anyways, returning to Movellas, I've begun a new chapter of my life and a new chapter of my writing. I'm taking the fantasy genre to a new level in my newest story! ENJOY!

    morgan r xx
    البقاء جميلة

    PS: the soundtrack for my newest story is up on 8tracks and a like would be much appreciated :)
    7 years ago
    Yay you're back! Btw I read the prologue for your new book and loved it! Keep up the good work! <3 ;)
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    So as you can see I've been having a real hard time writing for you guys. So therefore I'm giving myself a leave of absence or missing in action. I hate to do it, but I'm leaving. I hate to keep you guys waiting all the time! I'll leave my account open and the stories still able to be read. If I'm available I might write a chapter or two, but just not right now.

    I hope you all understand and I hope to see you all soon in the near future but until then, I'll love you to the moon and back because none of this would've been successful without you.

    Thank you all, and I'm still available on all my social media links that I will try to keep updated.

    Love you all sooooo much, and until then goodbye.

    morgan r
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    meyanna busch
    7 years ago
    pls dont leave morgan
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