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So I'm the owner of the account 'Chloe Nicole Tomlinson' and 'Chloe Nicole' but Movellas decided to change it's layout and I thought 'Hey! New layout, new account!' So please follow and read my Movellas when I publish them >.<

In case you haven't noticed I just happen to love Louis Tomlinson BUT I am a hardcore Larry Shipper too!
Please, no hate!

If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so by messaging me on kik (Sassy_Chloe_2014) or DM me on Instagram (SexWithTheTommo).

Bye-bye for now ;)

  • Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson

    mumbled "New Cover For Story And Cover Store"

    I know I don't have many followers but hopefully some people that aren't following will check this mumble out.
    I created a new cover for 'Safe In His Arms' my Harry Styles fan-fic, if you wouldn't mind could you go and check it out?
    Anyway; I have recently started up a 'Cover Store', if you're in need of a cover just comment below or on the book. Thanks once again and bye!
  • Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson

    mumbled "First Movella"

    Just created my first Movella on this account, please can you give it a read? Possibly like, comment, maybe even favorite?
    It would mean the world, thank-you :)
    x x
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