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hheeeeyyy My little miss JOAs anywho, how are all of you my fav colour is Pink, Blue and green my fav animal is a wolf i love THE jANOSKIANS my fav is LUKE BROOKS if i could change my life i would become Luke brooks girlfriend i love my family, friends and FOOD everyone knows not to touch my food i live in Australia
my culture is
pps check out my friend Mrs Jai Brooks

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    Bambi Tomlinson
    Bambi Tomlinson
    Hi my name Bambi Tomlinson I am 16 and love Fruit Loops, I also have a thing for tattoos, and yes, Louis Tomlinson is my older brother, the type that would ignore me. I have light blue hair and very odd...
    MadAsDino (Jenty_blue XD)
    I guess this is the only one :( it's okay.. I STILL LOVE YOU.
    Zayn it is then..
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    could i be Austin's girlfriend
    Name: Lexi
    hair:rosewood violet [purple]
    eyes: blue
    likes: animals, music, flowers, chocolate, makeup and my friends
    dislikes:snakes, bullies, haters, players, cheaters, and stuck up people
    hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, clubing, basketball, chilling with my boyfriend
    personality: fun, happy, sporty, hyper, cheery
    Forced Marriage
    Forced Marriage
    Hey Guys! New Movella! I need girlfriends for Liam, Zayn, Justin Bieber, and Austin Mahone . Comment a little Bio and I'll decide the winners! The first chapter is posted and its not a blank one!
    7 years ago
    Totally! You're Austin's Girlfriend!
    Mrs Luke Brooks
    7 years ago
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    The 'Fake' Relationship
    The 'Fake' Relatio...
    It's all fake. They put on a fake smile to please the pap. The one she really loves is right in front of her. Though he's with someone else. And with every kiss they share shatters her heart even more....
    Mrs Luke Brooks
    7 years ago
    my name is Lexi and if you need any other info like age and hair and stuff let me know
    7 years ago
    Yeah if you want out the info below!
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    please please please updsate soon
    Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl
    A howl ripped through the night, like a sword on a sail. If you looked carefully enough through the trees, you would see what appeared to a wolf pack. They were not ordinary wolves, though. These wolves...
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