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Hi ! I'm Sam. I'm starting to enjoy writing a little more everyday. Oh, I try to update usually on weekends or holidays.

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    mumbled "The End"

    Hi guys ! So many things have happened since i've last used this account. Yes - I'm still part of the one direction fandom and also the 5sos fam. I am aware of the current events that have happened these past few months. The last time i used this account was a little over a year ago. I kept saying how i was planning on coming back to update : but i never did. I guess i sort of lost my point on here - i feel as if my stories didn't make any sense. I read over a few chapters of my stories and they honestly don't make sense due to misspelling and how fast everything was moving. My writing has most definitely improved - i just don't see any reason in carrying these stories on further because i have a) forgot most of the plots and b) doubt that those who read them will continue to read since most of you guys either moved on ( lost interest ) or just got tired of me not updating since once again its been a little over a year. I made this account when it was the summer of 2013 i believe. I think i was around 11 or 12 and knowing that there were people listening to the words i typed meant the entire world to me. I'm now about to turn 15 in a few months - that just goes to show how long i haven't wrote in here. Now that i think about it - it was probably over a year. I just don't know anymore. I'm sorry that i wasn't ale to keep these fanfictions alive, but don't think that they didn't mean anything - or that you guys didn't mean to me because i still remember waking up in the morning, looking for your comments and waiting to type another chapter for all of you - these stories were for you., and are for you. Maybe somewhere in the near future i will start to write stories again. This may seem as if i just want to put myself out there- but really i want to keep what we had. This probably won't mean anything to you, but i will like to get to know you guys- a year or more later., ha. I'm sorry for typing this- it's hard to typing that this will be the end of Mrs.SamStyles because after all, i grew up on this site- i grew up writing - i grew up with you. I love you guys. If you would want to keep contact with me in any way, please let me know and we can talk, i still have my twitter account and i have my personal instagram but once again i'll only give it to those who want it. I'm sorry for ending this. I will leave my stories up, i will not deactivate this account - i will not let go of these memories so easily. I love you guys so much. Thank you for all these wonderful moments we made, I'll never forget the memories. I love you guys.
    - Samantha xx
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    mumbled "Stupid notifications!!!"

    Ok, so the reason why I don't update as much is because I don't get a notifications about receiving any comments. BUT I FOUND OUT WHY! Something must be wrong with the notifications or something but I DO NOT get a notification alert showing that I have a comment. I do receive comments, but I just don't alerts about them. I AM SO SORRY! IT IS NOT MY FAULT! But, like, every now and then I get a n alert saying that I do have one but it isn't until like a week later I get the notification because it won't tell me. I just read comment saying to update 5 DAYS AGO AND I DIDNT GETT IT UNTIL NOW! So if I don't update quickly it is because I don't get notified until like half a week later, so im sorry.
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    ♡I Love You ♡
    ♡I Love You ♡
    I'm a 17 year old girl who got kicked out of my home just a few days before school started I stayed with my best friend Zayn Malik. Through these hard times I slowly fell in love with one of my closest...
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    mumbled "Finally"

    Ok this is a short mumble. I finally updated "The Other Sister" and "Remember Me?" took awhile for me to get back online after, what a month? Well now I've updated and I will greatly update again if I get some more supportive comments from my squishies! Ily all sooo much!

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