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I'm 16, and I really love 1D! I am a Mixer, Directioner, Lovatic, Hunger Games Tribute. Wanna be a singer when i grow up--but if that doesnt work out, I'm okay with writing! :)

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    i love this! I really think it's a good idea! :) Keep it up!
    Dearest Riley
    Dearest Riley
    Riley Horan. Sound familiar? Probably not. According to Modest! Management (a.k.a. One Direction’s management company), Riley doesn't exist. She is Niall Horan’s sister, but she goes by her fake name:...
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    mumbled "Listen here, you little sh*t"

    I just got in trouble with my mom bc my little brother was being a total jerk. So turned into Wolverine--Which means I shoved him up against the wall and growled, "Listen here, you little sh*t--" which, of course is when my mother walks in and my brother pulls the "Mommy shes hurting me" card. Why does this always happen to me?
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    mumbled "Leaving"

    Sorry, guys, but I'm leaving Movellas. I'm still gonna be on Wattpad, though, so Reunited is still going to get updated. It's just too much work having to update so much on here. I may come back and do imagines during summer, but right now, i have to focus on school. Sorry.
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