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I LOVE to write so much. I felt like if Writing was not a thing in this world than I would be a kid who has no souls. Haha thank for reading this :D

  • Writing Is My Passion
    Long time no update.. I’m still loyal and stay.
    Sad and scary stories
    Sad and scary stor...
    You never know what will happen... Things come and out! Don’t make enemy’s, get weird/scary things and never do bad things and you’re okay. [© 2017 All rights Reserved To Book Maker and Ninja Togepi]
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    Ah yeah, sorry about that. Had some bad writer's block for a while. But thanks for hangin in there! ^. ^
  • Writing Is My Passion
    Dear Jordy,

    I am Writing is my passion.
    You see, I have Acne. I have it all over my body. I tried to watch YouTube’s video, ask doctors and family members. But nothing seems to help.
    I know, I know... It’s okay if I have them. Always be your selfs. Be proud of your self. But NO!!
    I went to my school, and got roast becasue if it. Someone said my pimple are like nipples.. they laugh and ran away. One girl saw acne on my chest and gave me a glare. That was my friend, she ended our friendship because of my schest acne. She told her friend now, her friends look at me, weird. A guys said to this other guy to imagine to have a forehead like me. He was acted rudely toward that, when I said rude I mean rude to the point that I can’t write it here. I tried to tell my parant and my school staffs. But each time I get closer to them I run away from It, I’m to scared and has a heart attack. Not literally.

    From, Writing is my passtion
    AdViCe MiCe -Advice book-
    AdViCe MiCe -Advic...
    Welcome to Advice Mice! The place where I go ahead and advise those who are in need. My mice and I answer all sorts of questions and advice for you! There are currently many mice, Javi- The popular...
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    Jordy sent it :)
  • Writing Is My Passion

    mumbled "I’m jealous "

    People have such flawless skin. I have a ton of pimples on my body.. :’(
    2 years ago
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    girl, don't feel bad. I have really bad acne and I have sensitive skin, so I have to get a certain kind of facial cream or else it'll make my skin really dry and will break out even more.
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