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  • Mystery (almost) man
    I've had this type of problem before but it wasn't only through chat. It was in person as well. Good luck.
    My everyday problems -_-
    My everyday proble...
    I have to write these thingsa out, kinda' sorry...
    Alex Lili
    4 years ago
    ...Did it get better somehow?
    Mystery (almost) man
    Um, not I'm still at war with the person and It's very annoying the whole thing made me look like the bad guy, and I'm not a bag guy.

  • Mystery (almost) man
    Can I promote your Gender Equality Petition on my page? It's fantastic, I wish to add my name to the list but I have to wait 24 hours. -_- But anyway, I support it 10000000%
    4 years ago
    Thank you so much! Of course you can promote it; it would be a massive help, things are a bit slow at the moment... :P
    Mystery (almost) man
    Alright, thanks!
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