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You Don't Know who I am. You will not know who I am but I guarantee something: I know you all.

  • Mystery Person
    Hello, Alexandra. Remember me? You know, i have been waiting sweet revenge. Its the moment. Have to say something important to your friends before I do? You have 1 day. -Mystery:)
    Mystery Person
    5 years ago
    God, you really make me laugh.
    And you're the only one complaining here, sweetie.
    And that's sarcasm babe, i wish and will make it not fun. Anyways, Ta-Da, you were dumber than my expectations. Enjoy your last hours.
    Mystery Person
    5 years ago
    With who should I begin? Carmie? I guess I will. Good night.
    5 years ago
    Im just ignore you and your bullshit
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