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Hello, i'm Skylar.

I have a messy schedule.

So i'm working on rewriting Same, I will still have the original version because people might like that version better.

I'm also working on the sequel while i'm rewriting Same. It's called Differences.

Please enjoy my other stories, but they are on hold. I'm devoting my time to finally finishing the "Same" series.

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    mumbled "Invisibilty"

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    You can’t see me
    Cause i’m hidden under my cloak of invsibility
    I don’t control
    The off and on modes

    I just want a place
    In this small world today
    I just want a face
    I will find a way

    I don’t want this destiny
    I want you to see me
    Maybe someday i’ll be big
    But right now my heart is snapped like a twig

    You don’t see me
    But I see you
    You don’t know I feel
    But I know how you do
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